25 July 2011

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It's Like This (This) It's Like That (That)
I Got Dough (Dough) I Got Stacks (Stacks)
I Can't Buy Anything That I Need (Need)
But I Gotta Have U 4 Free
I Ain't Neva Paid 4 It In My Life (My Life)
So Why The Hell Would I Pay 4 A Wife (Wife)
I Need Luv (Luv) Yes I Do (Do)
But This Is Wat I Need From U

Ooh A Brother Need Luv And Affection
A Brother Need TLC
And I Talkin Bout Chilli (Chilli)
But I'll Take Chilli If She Want It
Ooh A Brother Need Cookin And Cleanin
And When She Say She Luv Me She Mean It
Her Insides Pretty (Pretty)
Hey Hey Hey

And If That's U (U)
Blow Me A Kiss (Kiss) 2 Let Me Know (Know)
If U Feelin Me U Can Do Better (Hey)
Than That Scrub That U With (Than Scrub That U With)
Baby All That U Gotta Do (Gotta Do) Is Blow Me A Kiss
Hey Hey
Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da
Blow Me A Kiss

I'm Bout This (This)
I'm Bout That (That)
I Had Hoes (Hoes)
(I Spent Stacks) Stacks
I've Had Everything In My Life (My Life)
But I'm a Have U Tonight
Yeah I'm a Have U... U...
I Need Luv (Luv) Yes Indeed (Deed)
But This Is Wat U Get From Me (From Me)

Ooh I'm a Give U Luv And Direction
U Can Be My? I Ain't Talkin Bout Thriller (Thriller)
But I Could Be Your Thriller If U Want It
Ooh I Don't Need No Cookin And Cleanin
We Can Get A Maid If We Need It
Cause I'm On My Brizz-ed (Brizz-ed)
Hey Hey Hey
picture tak ada kene mngene , but i love thiss song and i love this picture
i love you guys
and i love you stalker . wekk wekk :P *muntah
#heart ! big hug (:

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follow aku balik

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