05 November 2010

online je facebook tgok2 my BFF ade post link kat aku , wahh dgr la ni tol2 wat aku terharu la weyh ! lame kod ta dgr lagu ni . bile dgr balikk ase sayu je huuhuu .

Byla tengs au iloveyouu forever oke dear :))

Siti Nabilah Adnan u're always always always my best friend. byla & dyla. hehe :)

Dedicated to all my BEST Friends(marami kc sila).Thank you all for being so great and wonderful to me.I also give thanks to whoever made the English translation for this song. BEST FRIEND Mou daijobu shinpai nai to (I don't have to worry anymore) Nakisou na watashi no soba de ('cause you
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tengs dear for thiss song :))

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