10 December 2010

dun bother, please !

i finally really like someone !

he able to make me smile when i with him.

he got something that make me fall into him.

my day will be delightful if he at least message me . at least a message.

everyday, i'll view his profile in FB , just to see his face :)

and i always hope his story is update just to know he is alright.

but ...
i know, again i fall in love with a wrong person . i don't know why , but i just don't want this feeling to fade away , it hurts !

it's not my colleagues sebab prinsip saya mengatakan bahawa saya takkan lagi bercinta dengan rakan sekerja saya .but he's somewhere here !

kalaulah anda tahu apa yang saya rasa sekarang ... "i think i'm in love" lalala :DD
shhuuhh shuuhh feeling pergi main jauh2 aku ta suke ko keliling aku ! ssuhhh !!

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