01 October 2010

continue .. im not a loser !

Never in my life i have such problems happening to me. how many times u want me to explain to u that i'm not chasing something that had already been used. This is the first and the last i'll remind u. If u really scared of losing plsss take him far far away oke ?!
I'm too lazy to waste my time thinking of stupid things and i'm sick and tired fighting over stupid stuff especially people like u who thinks that your 1 hell of a great person. U act as though ur a MATURED PERSON BUTTT indeed ur thinking is still like a small girl. So childish!! Whatever if u are not satisfied or unhappy plssss feel free to tell me on my face. I'm willingly to hear what the hell u gotta say to me !!

u creat the problem andd u end the story . that a guud gerl andd i CLICK LIKE babe ! bhaha =))

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