16 September 2010

bitch stalker ! some people just dont get it ..

adoyaii ta sangka sial slame nie aku btol2 de followers setia mcm ko pmpuan .. u cgt2 la muke tebal like kulit pic kesejukan hahaha ! here we are busy working andd still there are people that got so much free to google into other peoples personal life ! come to think of it .. so much time is spent on searchingg for that person .. than lookingg into the person profile when other peoples ?? hahah like a stupid person la u nie .. ta malu ke sibukk2 hal owangg padahal hidup ko ta pennah sekali pon terpikir tokk aku na amekk tao huhu .. bukan setakat fb ko aku ta penah na amekk kessah inikan pulakk MYSPACE ? BLOGGER ? adoii sengal nye la ko ske buang mase an wakaka ! have actualy lives and got no time to event care about specific individuals ! if u want to cari hal go la bace newspaper what for ko na sibuk2 urusan aku gerls ?? andd if you're got somthingg to say than say into my face or get the hell out of here oke ! cz aku cgt ta perlukan ko manusia .. but if ko mmg like kulit babihh kesejukan just go on ngan story memory dylalola oke hahah ! i have more important thingg in life then frankly gossipingg it is the least of my problem ! haha btw i did't releaze i have a fan like u haha ! THANK YOU THANK YOU for being so so so sooo interestedd in my life ! myb u should move on with ur own pathetic life and stalker someone else ! ur so VAPID bitch ! hahaha...

p/s : oopss stalker i more thingg .. if u free y not u drop some comment here ? betol la jgn ta caye lakk aku write ni btol2 tokk ko tau :)) TERASE ?? sape mkn cili dye la yangg mencanak2 cari air ! pedasss kan ?? hahahah sengal ! aku tao ko akan bace kan so just wait for the next epesode of the bitch stalker like u haha !

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